wrhas_banner_toppageGale Ritchey has always viewed the world differently. Seeing energy fields and the essence of life force (qi) energies, and the thoughtforms upon that energy. Her earliest experiments to relating to these energies began at 8 years old Her interactions though, began much earlier. Her sensory abilities in this incarnation have enlivened her to become into her abilities in such a way, her gifts are part of her spiritual relationship with her practical everyday life, and have enlivened her to offer her gifts as a qi infusion fractal artist, and empowering enlightenment consultant. Light body initiation, and depth of insight is at the core of the relationship Gale has to her many forms of guidance. As a consciousness of Hidden Masters of the Living Light, Gale keeps within a strict discipline to maintain a stream of higher psychism. Gale does not allow her stream to be used as a “medium”. Practical and low-key, her essence of work is to be of assistance for the Light Body renewal for the spiritual journey of our times. Though Gale has psychically advised since her early teen years, albeit unknowingly by others, her eventual placement in the world of alternative consciousness awakening and healing intuition brought her to begin formally offering her abilities as a higher psychic healer artist. Her experience within the corporate structure of business added a range of focus to support others in the karma called livelihood.

Gale’s quiet journey of awakening on many levels made her life a living lesson of being aware of simultaneous worlds: the subtle communication and sensory awareness forming the interplay of the silent, sensory forms, and that of our everyday life experiences. Lessons of Fractal energy awareness and sensory energy connections showed her the subtle dynamics of awareness, and transformed into her gift for keen insight. Leading Gale to her inevitable work in life force (qi) awareness, and light body awakening as a core element of her own karmic livelihood. Gale worked at making all the alternative knowledge as practical as possible, applying her theories, and testing theories in the working world, for 25 years.

Striving to maintain balance through confirmation of innate lessons learned, taught her how to discern, trust, and integrate within the living wave of guiding Great Light. Progressing her intuitive/psychic faculties to levels of mystic proportion show in the work Gale offers as a consultant and artist. Withstanding the many journeys into quantum awareness her initiations of spiritual/psychic integration led her through, her view of the ways of the world/universe remain confirmed. “We are each a journey to be awakened and learned. And each lived uniquely, as an unfolding, enlightening adventure. Some people may go unawakened until the final breath.”

Learn more about Gale Ritchey’s stunning healing fractal paintings, her energy work with people and animals and her journey to help others reach their true creative potential and spiritual truth.