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Gale Ritchey

Born a gifted psychic-spiritual child, seeing and sensing energy fields, intuitively knowing and communicating since very early childhood (she would play with the “air” and telepathically/empathically communicate with animals and nature). Her unfolding personal meaning in life was brought into her awareness through profound spiritual awakenings and transformational healings that taught her to go beyond her own subconscious thoughts and feelings to a point where original healing energy forms into higher consciousness and life force (qi). Learning to trust her innate teachers and own psychic awareness ingrained her abilities in such a natural form through her life progression, that her gifts became naturally automatic to her. She is practical and low-key. Learning the great differences between lower and higher psychic awareness/ability, she also learned to work only within the Great Light, (and not become an ungrounded new-ager or religious fanatic). Her essence of work is to be a guide for the initiating of Light Body/Personal Creative Empowerment renewal for the spiritualness journey of our times.

Gale’s quiet journey of awakening on many levels made her life a living lesson of being aware of simultaneous worlds: the subtle communication and sensory awareness forming the interplay of the silent, sensory forms, and that of our everyday life experiences. Lessons of Fractal energy awareness and sensory energy connections showed her the subtle dynamics of awareness, transformed into her gift for keen insight. Leading Gale to her inevitable work in life force (qi) awareness, and light body awakening. Gale worked at making all the alternative knowledge as practical as possible, applying her theories in the working world. Striving to maintain balance through confirmation of innate lessons learned, taught her how to discern, trust, and integrate within the living wave of guiding Great Light. Progressing her intuitive/psychic faculties to levels of mystic proportion show in the work Gale offers as a consultant and artist. Withstanding the many journeys into quantum awareness her initiations of spiritual/psychic integration led her through, her view of the ways of the world/universe remained confirmed. “We are each a journey to be awakened and learned. And each lived uniquely, as an unfolding, enlightening adventure. Some people may go unawakened until the final breath”.

What makes Gale’s Fractal artwork so original is her profound work with healing energy and higher consciousness (as shared in the segment about the artwork and the artist). Chinese history speaks of these artistic practitioners, becoming conduits of the motive force (qi) of life, of nature. Through her higher psychic ability and healing artistry, she streams through her technique of Active Stillness©, subtle enlightenment onto canvas.  The Holomovement Fractals of Creative Healing Light began forming very early on in her artistic life as she began to “talk” with the animals, nature, many angels, and guiding lights in glowing figure-form.  Gale has visited Pondicherry and Auroville in India, and had the rare opportunity to meditate with the great crystal. She also had opportunity to confirm her lifelong psychic connection to Sri Aurobindo and The Sweet Mother. The connections continue as the divine work progresses to help bring harmony for world healing. Gale has visited several High Qi planetary locations.

As Gale moved through the years growing up as inconspicuously as possible, each artistic creative endeavor became a lesson in listening to the silence in order to “hear” the vibrations within everything she learned. And as she began to paint Fractals, she learned to psychically guide the qi into material form. The lessons that came through the subtle energies showed her the subtleness of color, sound, and the harmonic resonance of relativity in all things. This extra sensory dialogue made classes in school very interesting, since she was more abstract in her learning patterns and of course, academics at that time, had no idea of the difference between linear and abstract learning. She learned through many ways, how to apply her unique abilities of psychic communication, energy sensitivity and the healing of intuition that is necessary for sound, clear, healing/empowerment work to be done. Being able to hear the harmonics of color, and sense the vibrations of words, made learning very surreal at times, and basically impossible to translate to others. And also awakening the light body. Ultimately the integrations into practical forms in everyday life experience began, and also how this harmonic resonance would become her way of creative life, led to Gale’s inevitable place in the world as a higher psychic, healer and energy artist, offering her profound services to others in a variety of ways.

Gale’s healing/enlightenment path included prophetic dreams, constant guidance on subtle realms, reading energy patterns, and doing research into vital life force energy relationship as early as 8 years old, moving her from lower psychism to higher psychism very quickly. And of course, all the karmic lessons that life shows us, and Gale’s lessons come with added forms and insights. She also studied forms of astrology, yet not to become an astrologer. Her interest in astrology, as the glyphs were so familiar to her, was for confirmation purposes and research rather than predictive, and would evolve into the progressive attunement process she offers as a session for clients interested in planetary workings. And used as talking points for those interested in astrology as a form of personal information/enlightenment. While Gale’s constant focus was to apply her unique abilities in practical ways, her quantum leap initiation in 1982 accelerated her transformation/initiation processes. Her major shift that occurred during the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, hastened the way for her to formally begin selling her Fractal paintings in 1989. In 1992 Gale was given a great approval of her talents, to the depth of her work by the late ecclesiastical artist, Italo George Botti. Mr. Botti gave her his mentor blessings and told her she did indeed have that unique feel to her work. What a wonderful, validating acknowledgement of her creative ability. By 1993 she also began creating and facilitating workshops for healing intuition, transformation and creativity expansion, and presenting her research work at a variety of conferences. Gale has presented her research and experiential work into healing intuition, subtle energy sensory awareness, and fractal artwork for transformation at A.R.E. Conferences (Edgar Cayce Foundation), many Mid-America Hypnosis conferences, many 7-Continent Dowser’s Conferences, New Life Expo, Whole Life Expo in Chicago, and a combined Conference on Mental Imagery held in Madison, Wisconsin, organized by Marquette University Medical College. Gale is also a writer, poet, a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, and a former faculty member of The International Institute of Transformative Insight Imagery©, and creator of Integral Sensory Insight Healing Intuition©, and Expanding Creative Potential for Wholeness of Being©. Progressive Attunements© began 30 years ago.

Gale brought her work to Door County, Wisconsin in 1997, but her visits to the peninsula began in 1977. The 20-year cycle return set the stage for her Fractal paintings to initiate the abstract and spiritual blending to the Door County art scene. Her first creative infusion started with her energetic support for the Spa at Sacred Grounds, in Ephraim, and guiding the vision of the founder/owner, Joyce Crittenden. Gale offered her consulting abilities and helped to set the tone for the spa, and created the original brochure for the many therapist bios and services offered. She met with clients in the Holy Hut, as she offered her services for individual sessions, pet psychic sessions, and also facilitated workshops for Expanding Creative Potential and Healing Energy Empowerment. Joyce passed away in November 2000, as the result of an illness she had been defying for more than 10 years.

Since, 1997, Gale has, slowly, subtly created the movement for formal tradition to begin to lighten up, albeit, an artist at a time. And through the years has watched the gradual shift of art move to less form, freer flow, and even small groups of artists begin to bring an experiemental movement into their works and exhibits. This all began by entering her most unusual works of art, as her entries to exhibits always looked like something from another galaxy, completely foreign. Yet, as they hung and were viewed, the fractal dynamics were working their magic to bring challenge and choices for change. More abstract paintings began to slowly make their way here and there into exhibits. Her work is an infusion for creative evolution, working for the highest good of all in such subtle ways. Gale has evolved to become a unique leader as an advanced artist of mystic proportion in Fractal energy “holomovement art”, and as a consultant for expanding creative/healing potential (personal and professional, for self, life and vocation).

Gale’s dedicated lifetimes toward her eventual current life, built her continuum of quest for meaning, and now radiate as her life work of dedication to her multidimensional artform as a higher psychic healer, consultant, and healing energy artist. Her own life journey to learn to walk between the worlds brought her many lessons to hold her individuality/personal will through the many initiations that took place. And as always, continue to occur for there are always lessons in the process for learning from the Divine. Guiding her abilities into practical applications that subsequently became her light body radiance to intuitively guide others in subtle ways, and relate to life force (vital force qi) in many ways and forms. Her life lessons also brought to fruition the unusual forms of confirmation necessary for her unique art form phenomenon, and her alignment with the Great Light. Her soul dedication to her individual creative path, following the divine guidance of progressing her innate gifts of higher psychism, spiritual enlightenment and creative (qi) energy formulation make her a unique leader in this advanced form of multidimensional healingenlightenment for the future that is happening now.

A Holomovement Fractal Triad of Creative Healing Light™ also hangs in the Women’s Wellness Center of Door County. The Fractals were created to support the birth and growth Center for Michele Geiger-Bronsky, MSN, RN, FNP-BC, APNP, SANE, Executive Director and Nurse Practitioner founded the Wellness Center in 2003. In the years that followed, the Wellness Center has become a center for affordable healthcare regarding women’s health and have expanded services to more than just women’s wellness, and the building grew to a building more than double in size. From an idea and intention by Michele, great vision to offer services to help others in need and care, to a state-of-the-art building that spans a double lot, with a focus to continue helping people in the county. And the Center since has closed for reorganization. Transcendence to a new paradigm is on the horizon.

Gale has also gifted Holomovement Fractals of Creative Healing Light to the Door County Humane Society, and the Bay Area Humane Society. Both Fractals are of the Animal Kingdom Guardian Angels and have supported the animals in care, as well as the caring people of the shelters. Subsequently, both shelters have expanded in size since the fractals were created and gifted. We just smile and share. There is a story for each Fractal, each is unique as every one of us is unique… yet there is a connecting thread of qi to each one, and to each of us.

Gale’s simplest truth of her beingness is, that she works for the highest good of all in such subtle ways, trusting that, as she has been always guided by her high level of sound connection, “If there is no challenge to the false ego to accept a greater truth, the changes necessary for one’s inner journey of creative potential can never be born”. She might be a challenge of karma for some, the higher psychic healer artist guide for others, but always an honest soul friend to all.

Gale has been guided and assisted in her progression by many mentors and teachers, some in human form and others in etheric form, and in psychic consciousness. This makes for the challenge itself to where culture is headed, since the transiting planet Neptune entered its ruling sign of Pisces. After the years of transiting through the sign of Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus (originally Saturn), much was discovered about the wonderment of energy, the body/mind/spirit connection. Those discoveries ushered in more awareness to the growing awakenings taking place in individuals around the world (in relative levels of awareness), to the subtleness of communications in thought and energy. Gale had opportunity to meet and learn from several alternative therapists beginning in the late 1980’s and continuing through 20 years. Her most evolving work was in assisting in intensive group weekend practicums with transpersonal psychotherapist, Dr. Charlotte A. Smith, Ph.D. Gale’s abilities blended well in being co-facilitator, bringing past-life vibrational energies to the process in her attendance, and holding the energy field dynamics within the group healing setting. After years of assistance within the processes, Gale consulted in the creation of the 4th Practicum, which became a threshold to the next plateau for self-help awakening and healing. Gale also studied hypnosis, and for 15-years, learned many forms and procedures from many hypnotists and hypnotherapists, though she does not do general hypnosis as a practice. Gale’s psychic sense guided her to the subtleness of the processes to gain experience with working within another form of alternative consciousness dynamics, which has always been the encouragement for her teaching.

Another great teacher/mentor/friend was Annette Kirshner. An incredible psychic woman finding past life healing work as her own journey brought her many challenges to awaken her own abilities. Gale worked closely with Annette and fine-tuned her innate connections to cosmic healers and divine energies that moved beyond denominational limitations to the Universal Consciousness. Gale presented her research work at many conferences and also held workshops. She also did workshops through wellness programs in the corporate world. One of her subtle mentors was John Van Drie, a master of Universal Consciousness and teaching the way of Kahuna. His healing work through the use of dowsing and working with the realm of healing angels brought wonderful opportunity for honing her gifts and innate ability even further. Gale also presented at many of the conferences of the 7 Continent Dowsers, and met many profoundly gifted individuals and researchers. Her eclectic form of mentors, and teachings, blends well with her eclectic form of psychic/spiritual kung fu. In a way, subtly following the philosophies of Bruce Lee, with his martial arts form of kung fu… it is all kung fu.

The great breath of qi will be breathed into our lives with the coming age we are entering now, as we, as a collective of individuals, will make way for solving the new challenges to come. When the old ways no longer work, and test results or rationalizations show nothing “wrong”, and humans continue to blame other causes for the ill effects they themselves have caused, (this is what is called “mass suffering” in Native American terms, or group karma, in metaphysical terms, and the great awakening in spiritual terms). When the old answers cannot solve the new questions, the healing can finally begin by teaching the way to learn to have an open mind and heart, and begin the empowering journey to heal. We are on that bridge crossing now and have been on it, in an increasingly major way, since August 1987. Gaia is in need of healing light via the human consciousness and action. So we are either part of the healing or part of the dis-ease. Our lessons of discovering both and healing is our simplest karma. We need to find our personal harmonic and awaken to strive for balance. Gale is an insightful gift for these times through her own journey to bring forward her unique Fractal artwork and higher psychic healing energy ability, and offer it to others in ways that are initiating and inspiring, awakening, and always brought into a practical light. Gale is dedicated to the healing of Light Body Radiance, and the creative potential of awakening to one’s own unique transcending journey.

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