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Many seek insights to gain a deeper sense of meaning for this incarnation and purposeful focus. Gale moves to a point of knowing, within depth of how past lives talents/unfinished business/karmic lessons are part of the spiritual experience, and spirals that into understanding in practical ways for the client.  Relationship karma, spiritual/intuitive connections to a greater sense of focus for self-awareness, enlightenment, empowerment, issue insight, creativity validation, healing energy work, clearing of detrimental thoughtforms within the energy bodies, are just a few ways Gale has supported the insights for individuals seeking clarity for their personal ideas/plans/and relationships in all forms. Over the years, since she began doing readings by watching the energies of hands and crown halos, Gale has evolved her abilities to become a quiet, subtle gift for these times of great spiritual need for awakening and realizations of personal meaning.

Gale has offered consultation for business strategies, and has brought forward strategic planning insights for professional business owners, and corporate focused individuals seeking a more empowered presence in the corporate business world.

An intention gathering conversation takes place to set the vibrational overtone for you to gather your energies and coordinate thoughts in order to receive the optimal benefits from your session with Gale.  This conversation assists also in setting frequencies so the session harmonics can resonate the information/energy.  No details are discussed, so fresh insight can be realized rather than rational deductions assumed.  Healing energies may begin to initiate prior to scheduled session.  This is perfectly natural.  Spiritual selves become joyful and anticipate the magnetism experience the session brings.  No special instructions of preparation are necessary, but taking a quiet time to focus and relax prior to the session is a nice way to get centered so you are as present as can be during the session experience.

It is always best to take some time, prior to the session time, to sit and gather one’s self, in order to assist in the efforts of the healing energies to communicate with as little chaos as possible.  This helps to make it easier and more rewarding when the discussion portion of the session takes place (better questions better clarifications, better set intentional dynamics can be made), which results in greater coordination processing of the healing information/energies obtained during the session.  Each session is unique in the information/energies involved yet there is a continuity of process within all sessions.  The Progressive Attunements themselves are a process of a coordinated list of abilities Gale has enhanced in order to fully bring a natural flow to the kung fu of the client.  These abilities are sensory as well as telepathic, yet she does not “read minds”.  She does engage in psychic dialogue in a multidimensional fashion, and the results are uncanny as to how many unasked questions she actually answers, to bring confirmation for deeper satisfaction with the results of the session for the client.  Gale has also worked with crystals and minerals 20+ years, and designs vibrational vortexes for clients as part of the session if a vortex is requested by the dynamics of the client.

During a session, much information and healing energy is working on many levels to reconfigure the energy field and subsequent thoughtforms within the field.  Each charka is replenished and the information shared through them is captured for the client.  This information can be applied in a variety of ways and is for the individual client to make those decisions for the realization of the newfound wisdom/confirmations/healing energies.  Gale does not diagnose, nor does she expect to be a replacement for medical attention in any form.  Gale does dialogue with all levels of the energy bodies, and subtle thoughtforms in disharmony, pastlife selves dis-harmonically positioned and in need of resolution.  What is shared through Gale’s frequency connections can be discerned by the client, for the continuing process of enlightenment can enhance fulfillment of personal goals, life choices, karmic completions.  Understand, that with all of life offerings for our spiritual growth and tests by life experience, we are never complete, and each session is as comprehensive as possible.  There is the factor of free will of each of us.

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