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Gale has always viewed the world through different eyes.  Her view sees energy fields and the essence of life energies, and the thoughtforms upon that energy.  She has been in contact with a Collective Counsel of higher forces.  The collective group, which works with her is a unique, revolving list that consists of many sages/healers/angels/figure energies of various forms.  At times during the holomovement streaming process an artist of great spiritual depth may come forward to take part in the creative flow.  Though Gale does not allow passed-over people to use her as a ‘medium” solely for them to partake only for the feeling of painting again and experiencing the earth plane again, for that, is not allowed by the spiritual masters.  Instead, each artist, in order to partake in the streaming, needs to bring forward the life lessons learned related to the streaming consciousness upon the qi flow of the Fractal in cue that Gale is bringing into form and onto canvas.  Jackson Pollack has, on brief occasions, come forward to be part of the group at different times. As has Georgia O’Keeffe, and Vincent Van Gogh, as they come not as artists to channel their talents, but as part of the spiritualness of the original artistic edge.  Of being in the creative flow as deeply moving, life wrenching karmas in reflection of what they have learned since departing.   With Rudhyar, Hilarion, Krishnamurti, Yogananda, Sri Aurobindo, the Sweet Mother, and the Hidden Masters, keeping to strict disciplines is paramount to staying integrated and in balance as herself.  Therefore, each Fractal that reflects an essence of style, from a passed-over master artist, has an important lesson deep within it.  [It] is for learning not what has been done by the lessons of these wise and talented beings, but rather for our own individual lessons of challenge, and toil and divine suffering to walk our own path, and live more honestly our own karma rather than avoid our own karma.  Ultimately it’s all about the consciousness and energy.  The core of kung fu.

”In talking one has the tendency to come down into lower and more external consciousness because talking comes from the external mind.  But it is impossible to avoid it altogether….”
Sri Aurobindo

Knowing this truth, the need for words becomes unnecessary once within the fractal form, where the healing energies follow the thoughtforms, and communications are in subtle form.  But here, without words, the webpage would be seemingly blank, so here is our best and simplest discussion about the Holomevement Fractals of Creative Healing Light©, as well as the artist herself.  It is impossible to talk about Fractals and not talk about the artist, for they are simultaneous.  Gale’s creative journey was consciously not about art academically speaking, her focus was not deeply ingrained within the art world. Similar to Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky, Gale can hear the vibrations of color, sensing harmonics. Her journey was more a profound awakening to being aware of a depth of experience that could not be seen, nor touched, yet was very real. And how this awareness would relate to the everyday experiences of life became the unusual form of enlightenment that became her talents.  As the future is beginning to once again validate her earlier precognitions, by way the scientific findings of such things as the growing validations of past life recall, aura energy work.  How the brain of a true psychic is different in data collected from studies done with scans.  These differences still cannot be explained for there is not defectiveness to be found.  Just very bright in particular areas than non-psychic brains studied.  Blend with that, the planetary shifts of Neptune moving closer to [its] astrological ruling sign of Pisces.  It has been known by those awaiting this new age of awareness, that once Neptune enters the sign of Pisces, the veils will begin to thin, revealing more to this alternative world of energy and subtle sensory communication.  Many will be just learning to adjust to this new energy and awareness.  The question remains how the shifts will affect each individual.

Gale’s journey to self-revealing the depth of her psychic and artistic abilities began more than 20 years prior to her formally, professionally creating Fractals of Creative Healing Light in 1989.  Through a major healing alignment during the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, she was psychically informed that her final transition stage was set, and she would be moving into her unique artistic position.  This converting time window took 2-years as the final phase.  Her first Fractal painting sold 3 days after it was streamed.  Since that time Gale’s Fractals have been well received by those involved in spiritual awakening for self, or by professionals in the alternative field, and by people on self-healing quests, and those seeking a form of meditative focus and healing qi radiance to assist/guide them in their personal self-awareness journeys.  Holomovement Fractals of Creative Healing Light create vortex fields, and expand.  Since working with cosmic energy is also part of her focus, Gale is also capable of creating vortex energy fields.  Her work has also been created for those in leadership positions within the corporate world, and in a variety of alternative practitioner/wellness professions.  And for those seeking their own, individual creative vocational expression, (musicians, therapists, doctors, entrepreneurs), all seeking their own authentic self in the world experience, with an innate desire to evolve to their next level of self-journey as their career progression.  Fractals also reside within humane societies and radiate portals for healing angels and guardians of the animal kingdom to support animals in the care of these giving groups of individuals.  All the while, Gale has maintained a quiet presence in the world.  Even declining offers for hosting a radio show, and proposals from various marketing experts to pump reproductions of her work to the market.  Her work is refined, and hype just doesn’t blend with the divine intentions.

Over the years, the unique authenticity of the Hi Qi Holomovement Fractals Gale creates, has been confirmed by healers as far away as Pondicherry, India, and Canada, having felt and sensed the energies emitting from the fractal portals Gale creates, without conscious provocation or request to do so.  In the distant past, ancient master Chinese healers have stated how unique this form of healing energy work is—it is a gifted innate discipline to become able to channel pure healing energy through a painting or other form of art.  In the Qing Dynasty, Zhang Geng explained in a book; Lứ Shān Huà Lún, ”….it is originality beyond the feelings of the brush and the weight of the ink. It comes from the thriving pivot of heaven.  Yet it can only be sensed by one who is tranquil.  Even the slightest delay will confuse the mind, and it disappears in the ink.”  Gale’s Fractals are a profound joy to own.  The magnetism of connections to the harmonics within them is in constant validation each time someone finds the relativity of the Fractal they feel most drawn to.  The High Qi Holomovement Fractals of Creative Healing Light™ speak for themselves in harmonic waves of subtle healing energy and initiations of enlightenment via higher levels of intuition and sensory awareness.  Some Fractals have master teachers connected to the streams, as they were tapping in to the higher consciousness forms.  The wisdom they share is also part of the final art form.  In 1992 Gale was given a great approval of her talents, to the depth of her work by the late ecclesiastical artist, Italo George Botti.  Mr. Botti gave her his nod of approval and told her she did indeed have that unique feel to her work.  What a wonderful, validating acknowledgement of her creative ability.

The telepathic/intuitive/sensory communications begin, sometimes obvious and other times, in completely subtle ways— awaiting realization.  Fractal paintings form in a variety of frequencies and therefore, may appear very different in style from each other.  The reason for these variations is as unique as the variations of the Fractals themselves.  Each individually holds particular qi patterns unique to the individual form of each canvas work.  The continuity of the working art intention forms each time. The Fractals tap spatial and temporal variation, where a visual/sensory/subtle consciousness image sits on canvas in harmonic form, what we see as the Fractal painting is the threshold, a portal, in seeming abstract form.  Hidden within are sacred geometric qi configurations unique to each Fractal painting.  Each Fractal has a dual title.  One for the energy and one for the subtle consciousness.  Some people have actually heard a calling from a given Fractal, and have not been told anything about the dynamics of the artwork.  Some people have that hair rising experience, while others can “see” the energy bubbles over the Fractals as they are displayed for view (in the holding pattern, awaiting their time to expand).  While others have been drawn by an urging intuition that the connection is part of one’s journey, and guides are calling.  Each is unique.  Yet there is a constant…

The intensity, skill, control and multidimensional balancing of Gale’s unique abilities to hold the purity of intention for each fractal dynamic, enables Gale to step beyond, to sense within the Indra’s Net, (that ancient mystical insight conceived by Rishis in Hindu and Buddhist traditions), to represent the mystical oneness of reality and its intricate Fractal structure, and to stream the harmonics of this universal language of energy and enlightenment into Fractal form on canvas.  These Fractals are not the unconscious areas of the mind of the artist.  Nor are they the early forms of transcendental art expression created from meditations then interpreted into a painting (though the artist who formally created the Transcendental Art Group more than 60 years ago has been one of Gale’s cosmic mentors, supporting her to transcend the consciousness and continue researching discoveries).  This artist is not recounting altered state dream-like images from her own dreams/meditations.  The buried layers of hidden form within the Fractals await our awareness awakening to spark our own individual, unique, authentic lessons, enlightenment, and creative expression into the world.

The Fractals have a subtle way of gaining attention.  It has been observed by many visitors that the HighQi waves within the Fractals have “moved”, or spirit guides/angels/etc, have been sensed from the Fractals.  Not so much as visually seeing an image, but of an actual sensory impression emitting from the Fractal.  At times, people have interrupted conversation and state an “unusual” sense that the “painting” was trying to “tell” [them] something, or was “interrupting” their train of thought as if to communicate to [them].  Once in a while someone has attempted to examine the Fractals to find a way to copy them… to figure out the “secret technique”.  That is not possible, for the gift of streaming these Fractals is not a “secret technique” as more, it is a result of lifetimes and decades of discipline and initiation transformations that have moved this unique higher psychic into the stream of healing energy artistry, and into the responsible position it takes to respect the high level of order it takes to hold these multidimensional spaces for this depth of work to take place.  Many people that have experienced the Fractals have had profound experiences upon first sight.  The subtle consciousness that is imbedded within the Fractals follows a stream of continuous evolution as the fractal patterns of life are continuous.  Perpetuation is the essence of life.  It is more rewardingly fulfilling for our spirit to progress into becoming enlightened and empowered with our self-will, truth and power to choose.  Holomovement Fractals of Creative/Healing Light are, streamed by this unique artist for the purposeful meaning for others to experience High Qi kung fu.  They are like guides to experience the expanding of one’s creative/healing potential and experience the wholeness of Being.

Once the choice is made to purchase or commission, the subtle energies initiate intention and connections are set.  One Fractal Gale channeled/streamed was for an alternative doctor.  Once hung at the office of the doctor, it happened to be viewed by a healer from India.  The healer from India asked the artist if she knew ancient Sanskrit.  She told him not consciously.  The healer from India showed her and the doctor the ancient Sanskrit symbol for God within the Fractal.  The healer could see it as plain as day.  The doctor the fractal was channeled for was brought to a deeper connection to his placement in the world of healing, and had a newly discovered connection to the fractal dynamics working through him to assist his patients to heal in a deeper, spiritual way, just from being in the energy field of the Fractal hanging innocently on the wall.  Gale smiled, feeling another sense of profound confirmation that her disciplined efforts to remain in the dedicated space to do her gifted work, had brought this client to a deeper awareness to the subtle energies that are an awakening part of our healing and life experience.

A gentleman was attending an art gallery reception where a Fractal was on display.  The man began chatting with Gale, and asked what works were hers.  She then pointed out a Fractal, and the man asked her to explain her work to him, as he was most drawn to that particular painting before he even started chatting with her.  Gale explained her unusual style of artwork, and upon describing that particular fractal as having a Native American medicine man in the essence dynamic, the man told Gale that he could feel that powerful presence when he looked at the painting, and was feeling such a strong draw toward it for some reason.  And that she was explaining it to him, as a sort of confirmation as to what he was connecting to, but at first thought the impressions in his head were odd because no other artwork in all his years, he had never encountered such a situation before.  But then, when he explained that he was part Cherokee himself, and that he was seeing a face of great wisdom that appeared to be a Native American face, Gale could sense the deep spiritual connection begin to enliven the innate energies of the man, and knew again, that the subtleness of the Fractals are a phenomenal gift for her to share by streaming them for others has a form of her psychic channeling and healing energy abilities.

A corporate executive commissioned a Fractal painting.  Upon the actual evening the Fractal was being streamed, the executive was very eager to phone the artist, but explained afterward, that he did not want to interfere, but felt a strange sensation that the Fractal was coming down onto canvas that very day.  Gale has been seen in dream-state by awaiting owners.  One prospective owner contacted the artist, and upon her describing in brief, the essence of the next Fractal in energetic cue, the gentleman, with great excitement in his eyes, told her that, that was his Fractal. As it turned out thought, the Fractal mentioned had a second related pattern.  There were actually two fractals, and the gentleman said yes, that he had two spaces that we had been searching for the right artwork to fill.  As the prickly chills confirmed the energies were correct, the Fractals were streamed.  As a phenomenal result, the gentleman’s life shifted in wonderful ways, and the woman within the first Fractal materialized into his life as a beautiful and lasting relationship.  It is not to project expectations into the dynamic of the Fractal phenomenon, for expectation is all ways a limitation that the ego puts out that most times interferes with the highest flow for one’s highest good and subsequent joy and karmic fulfillment in life.  So let us say, each Fractal is unique as each of us is unique.  Each of us has a journey to experience, and yet we are collectively connected in many ways.  All I can say is we learn to trust, to discern, to become comfortable with our sense of intuition, and understand the meaning of our life experiences and complete our karmic business.  Opening to new life situations is what makes the adventure interesting, enlightening and spiritually rewarding.

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About Gale Ritchey

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Gale Ritchey

Born a gifted psychic-spiritual child, seeing and sensing energy fields, intuitively knowing and communicating since very early childhood (she would play with the “air” and telepathically/empathically communicate with animals and nature). Her unfolding personal meaning in life was brought into her awareness through profound spiritual awakenings and transformational healings that taught her to go beyond her own subconscious thoughts and feelings to a point where original healing energy forms into higher consciousness and life force (qi). Learning to trust her innate teachers and own psychic awareness ingrained her abilities in such a natural form through her life progression, that her gifts became naturally automatic to her. She is practical and low-key. Learning the great differences between lower and higher psychic awareness/ability, she also learned to work only within the Great Light, (and not become an ungrounded new-ager or religious fanatic). Her essence of work is to be a guide for the initiating of Light Body/Personal Creative Empowerment renewal for the spiritualness journey of our times.

Gale’s quiet journey of awakening on many levels made her life a living lesson of being aware of simultaneous worlds: the subtle communication and sensory awareness forming the interplay of the silent, sensory forms, and that of our everyday life experiences. Lessons of Fractal energy awareness and sensory energy connections showed her the subtle dynamics of awareness, transformed into her gift for keen insight. Leading Gale to her inevitable work in life force (qi) awareness, and light body awakening. Gale worked at making all the alternative knowledge as practical as possible, applying her theories in the working world. Striving to maintain balance through confirmation of innate lessons learned, taught her how to discern, trust, and integrate within the living wave of guiding Great Light. Progressing her intuitive/psychic faculties to levels of mystic proportion show in the work Gale offers as a consultant and artist. Withstanding the many journeys into quantum awareness her initiations of spiritual/psychic integration led her through, her view of the ways of the world/universe remained confirmed. “We are each a journey to be awakened and learned. And each lived uniquely, as an unfolding, enlightening adventure. Some people may go unawakened until the final breath”.

What makes Gale’s Fractal artwork so original is her profound work with healing energy and higher consciousness (as shared in the segment about the artwork and the artist). Chinese history speaks of these artistic practitioners, becoming conduits of the motive force (qi) of life, of nature. Through her higher psychic ability and healing artistry, she streams through her technique of Active Stillness©, subtle enlightenment onto canvas.  The Holomovement Fractals of Creative Healing Light began forming very early on in her artistic life as she began to “talk” with the animals, nature, many angels, and guiding lights in glowing figure-form.  Gale has visited Pondicherry and Auroville in India, and had the rare opportunity to meditate with the great crystal. She also had opportunity to confirm her lifelong psychic connection to Sri Aurobindo and The Sweet Mother. The connections continue as the divine work progresses to help bring harmony for world healing. Gale has visited several High Qi planetary locations.

As Gale moved through the years growing up as inconspicuously as possible, each artistic creative endeavor became a lesson in listening to the silence in order to “hear” the vibrations within everything she learned. And as she began to paint Fractals, she learned to psychically guide the qi into material form. The lessons that came through the subtle energies showed her the subtleness of color, sound, and the harmonic resonance of relativity in all things. This extra sensory dialogue made classes in school very interesting, since she was more abstract in her learning patterns and of course, academics at that time, had no idea of the difference between linear and abstract learning. She learned through many ways, how to apply her unique abilities of psychic communication, energy sensitivity and the healing of intuition that is necessary for sound, clear, healing/empowerment work to be done. Being able to hear the harmonics of color, and sense the vibrations of words, made learning very surreal at times, and basically impossible to translate to others. And also awakening the light body. Ultimately the integrations into practical forms in everyday life experience began, and also how this harmonic resonance would become her way of creative life, led to Gale’s inevitable place in the world as a higher psychic, healer and energy artist, offering her profound services to others in a variety of ways.

Gale’s healing/enlightenment path included prophetic dreams, constant guidance on subtle realms, reading energy patterns, and doing research into vital life force energy relationship as early as 8 years old, moving her from lower psychism to higher psychism very quickly. And of course, all the karmic lessons that life shows us, and Gale’s lessons come with added forms and insights. She also studied forms of astrology, yet not to become an astrologer. Her interest in astrology, as the glyphs were so familiar to her, was for confirmation purposes and research rather than predictive, and would evolve into the progressive attunement process she offers as a session for clients interested in planetary workings. And used as talking points for those interested in astrology as a form of personal information/enlightenment. While Gale’s constant focus was to apply her unique abilities in practical ways, her quantum leap initiation in 1982 accelerated her transformation/initiation processes. Her major shift that occurred during the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, hastened the way for her to formally begin selling her Fractal paintings in 1989. In 1992 Gale was given a great approval of her talents, to the depth of her work by the late ecclesiastical artist, Italo George Botti. Mr. Botti gave her his mentor blessings and told her she did indeed have that unique feel to her work. What a wonderful, validating acknowledgement of her creative ability. By 1993 she also began creating and facilitating workshops for healing intuition, transformation and creativity expansion, and presenting her research work at a variety of conferences. Gale has presented her research and experiential work into healing intuition, subtle energy sensory awareness, and fractal artwork for transformation at A.R.E. Conferences (Edgar Cayce Foundation), many Mid-America Hypnosis conferences, many 7-Continent Dowser’s Conferences, New Life Expo, Whole Life Expo in Chicago, and a combined Conference on Mental Imagery held in Madison, Wisconsin, organized by Marquette University Medical College. Gale is also a writer, poet, a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, and a former faculty member of The International Institute of Transformative Insight Imagery©, and creator of Integral Sensory Insight Healing Intuition©, and Expanding Creative Potential for Wholeness of Being©. Progressive Attunements© began 30 years ago.

Gale brought her work to Door County, Wisconsin in 1997, but her visits to the peninsula began in 1977. The 20-year cycle return set the stage for her Fractal paintings to initiate the abstract and spiritual blending to the Door County art scene. Her first creative infusion started with her energetic support for the Spa at Sacred Grounds, in Ephraim, and guiding the vision of the founder/owner, Joyce Crittenden. Gale offered her consulting abilities and helped to set the tone for the spa, and created the original brochure for the many therapist bios and services offered. She met with clients in the Holy Hut, as she offered her services for individual sessions, pet psychic sessions, and also facilitated workshops for Expanding Creative Potential and Healing Energy Empowerment. Joyce passed away in November 2000, as the result of an illness she had been defying for more than 10 years.

Since, 1997, Gale has, slowly, subtly created the movement for formal tradition to begin to lighten up, albeit, an artist at a time. And through the years has watched the gradual shift of art move to less form, freer flow, and even small groups of artists begin to bring an experiemental movement into their works and exhibits. This all began by entering her most unusual works of art, as her entries to exhibits always looked like something from another galaxy, completely foreign. Yet, as they hung and were viewed, the fractal dynamics were working their magic to bring challenge and choices for change. More abstract paintings began to slowly make their way here and there into exhibits. Her work is an infusion for creative evolution, working for the highest good of all in such subtle ways. Gale has evolved to become a unique leader as an advanced artist of mystic proportion in Fractal energy “holomovement art”, and as a consultant for expanding creative/healing potential (personal and professional, for self, life and vocation).

Gale’s dedicated lifetimes toward her eventual current life, built her continuum of quest for meaning, and now radiate as her life work of dedication to her multidimensional artform as a higher psychic healer, consultant, and healing energy artist. Her own life journey to learn to walk between the worlds brought her many lessons to hold her individuality/personal will through the many initiations that took place. And as always, continue to occur for there are always lessons in the process for learning from the Divine. Guiding her abilities into practical applications that subsequently became her light body radiance to intuitively guide others in subtle ways, and relate to life force (vital force qi) in many ways and forms. Her life lessons also brought to fruition the unusual forms of confirmation necessary for her unique art form phenomenon, and her alignment with the Great Light. Her soul dedication to her individual creative path, following the divine guidance of progressing her innate gifts of higher psychism, spiritual enlightenment and creative (qi) energy formulation make her a unique leader in this advanced form of multidimensional healingenlightenment for the future that is happening now.

A Holomovement Fractal Triad of Creative Healing Light™ also hangs in the Women’s Wellness Center of Door County. The Fractals were created to support the birth and growth Center for Michele Geiger-Bronsky, MSN, RN, FNP-BC, APNP, SANE, Executive Director and Nurse Practitioner founded the Wellness Center in 2003. In the years that followed, the Wellness Center has become a center for affordable healthcare regarding women’s health and have expanded services to more than just women’s wellness, and the building grew to a building more than double in size. From an idea and intention by Michele, great vision to offer services to help others in need and care, to a state-of-the-art building that spans a double lot, with a focus to continue helping people in the county. And the Center since has closed for reorganization. Transcendence to a new paradigm is on the horizon.

Gale has also gifted Holomovement Fractals of Creative Healing Light to the Door County Humane Society, and the Bay Area Humane Society. Both Fractals are of the Animal Kingdom Guardian Angels and have supported the animals in care, as well as the caring people of the shelters. Subsequently, both shelters have expanded in size since the fractals were created and gifted. We just smile and share. There is a story for each Fractal, each is unique as every one of us is unique… yet there is a connecting thread of qi to each one, and to each of us.

Gale’s simplest truth of her beingness is, that she works for the highest good of all in such subtle ways, trusting that, as she has been always guided by her high level of sound connection, “If there is no challenge to the false ego to accept a greater truth, the changes necessary for one’s inner journey of creative potential can never be born”. She might be a challenge of karma for some, the higher psychic healer artist guide for others, but always an honest soul friend to all.

Gale has been guided and assisted in her progression by many mentors and teachers, some in human form and others in etheric form, and in psychic consciousness. This makes for the challenge itself to where culture is headed, since the transiting planet Neptune entered its ruling sign of Pisces. After the years of transiting through the sign of Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus (originally Saturn), much was discovered about the wonderment of energy, the body/mind/spirit connection. Those discoveries ushered in more awareness to the growing awakenings taking place in individuals around the world (in relative levels of awareness), to the subtleness of communications in thought and energy. Gale had opportunity to meet and learn from several alternative therapists beginning in the late 1980’s and continuing through 20 years. Her most evolving work was in assisting in intensive group weekend practicums with transpersonal psychotherapist, Dr. Charlotte A. Smith, Ph.D. Gale’s abilities blended well in being co-facilitator, bringing past-life vibrational energies to the process in her attendance, and holding the energy field dynamics within the group healing setting. After years of assistance within the processes, Gale consulted in the creation of the 4th Practicum, which became a threshold to the next plateau for self-help awakening and healing. Gale also studied hypnosis, and for 15-years, learned many forms and procedures from many hypnotists and hypnotherapists, though she does not do general hypnosis as a practice. Gale’s psychic sense guided her to the subtleness of the processes to gain experience with working within another form of alternative consciousness dynamics, which has always been the encouragement for her teaching.

Another great teacher/mentor/friend was Annette Kirshner. An incredible psychic woman finding past life healing work as her own journey brought her many challenges to awaken her own abilities. Gale worked closely with Annette and fine-tuned her innate connections to cosmic healers and divine energies that moved beyond denominational limitations to the Universal Consciousness. Gale presented her research work at many conferences and also held workshops. She also did workshops through wellness programs in the corporate world. One of her subtle mentors was John Van Drie, a master of Universal Consciousness and teaching the way of Kahuna. His healing work through the use of dowsing and working with the realm of healing angels brought wonderful opportunity for honing her gifts and innate ability even further. Gale also presented at many of the conferences of the 7 Continent Dowsers, and met many profoundly gifted individuals and researchers. Her eclectic form of mentors, and teachings, blends well with her eclectic form of psychic/spiritual kung fu. In a way, subtly following the philosophies of Bruce Lee, with his martial arts form of kung fu… it is all kung fu.

The great breath of qi will be breathed into our lives with the coming age we are entering now, as we, as a collective of individuals, will make way for solving the new challenges to come. When the old ways no longer work, and test results or rationalizations show nothing “wrong”, and humans continue to blame other causes for the ill effects they themselves have caused, (this is what is called “mass suffering” in Native American terms, or group karma, in metaphysical terms, and the great awakening in spiritual terms). When the old answers cannot solve the new questions, the healing can finally begin by teaching the way to learn to have an open mind and heart, and begin the empowering journey to heal. We are on that bridge crossing now and have been on it, in an increasingly major way, since August 1987. Gaia is in need of healing light via the human consciousness and action. So we are either part of the healing or part of the dis-ease. Our lessons of discovering both and healing is our simplest karma. We need to find our personal harmonic and awaken to strive for balance. Gale is an insightful gift for these times through her own journey to bring forward her unique Fractal artwork and higher psychic healing energy ability, and offer it to others in ways that are initiating and inspiring, awakening, and always brought into a practical light. Gale is dedicated to the healing of Light Body Radiance, and the creative potential of awakening to one’s own unique transcending journey.

Psychic Sessions

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Have been offered to people since 1991. Focus on bringing forward information and healing qi for others. Gale has psychically advised, albeit unknowingly by others, since her teen years, to her eventual placement in the world of alternative consciousness awakening. Each progressive attunement session is unique to the individual, and the flow of the session is governed always by highest good of the client and the purity of the intention of the session itself. There is always respect for the sacred disciplines that govern our higher consciousness quest for self-knowledge and truth, meaning there may be some things that are held out of the stream so those elements of self-connection can be attained as it is written in the Akashic Record. Consultation can engage dialogue with Gale and her Collective Council of Healers and Advisors of the Great Light. Vibrational, multidimensional healing energy is always at work with all work Gale facilitates. Understand, Gale does not diagnose, nor treat, and any engagement of her advisory services should not be expected to replace any medical assistance needed. At these times it is best to understand the placement of our position in the transition of consciousness. Meaning there are those situations where both alternative and conventional assistance may be necessary for filling the needs of wellness. These sessions are offered to bring insight into one’s life issues and help bring empowerment to the client in regards to trusting one’s own intuitional guidance and healing path. Progressive Attunement sessions are formulated in a variety of forms to assist personal quest for expanding creative/healing/spiritual journey awareness, potential within this life time experience journey. The three formulations of collecting guidance/healing qi hologramatical streams for clients are outlined below:

The Individual Sessions Formulate into.
1 – Qi Scan and Harmonization (seeking personal kung fu);
2 – 12-Point Karmic Reading for Balance;
3 – QI Energy Field Clearing and Discussion of Personal Dynamic for Cleansing the Holographic Qi Force.

The Qi Scan and Harmonization session for personal kung fu, Gale scans the energy field light body and brings forward information that is ready for awareness/enlightenment/resolution/integration.  This session formulation is directed for gathering of information and self-wisdom/understanding/lost qi, by the client for application into one’s life plan for whatever reason the client indicates, be it personal, professional, for wellness, relationship, etc.  Three questions are necessary so the session can be directed by client intention.  Karmic Healing Intuition is at the core of this session.  Personal golden thread mantra brought forward.
Cost of this session is $300.

The 12-Point Karmic Reading for Balance session formulation is a coordination of all 12 energy points of light body within the entire 12-point charka system.  These 12 points are a flow that communicates to Gale, and within the relationship she brings information forward that highlights any karmic unfinished business/past life completions relativities/enlightenments for empowerment.  Three questions are necessary so the session can be directed by client intention.  Karmic Healing Intuition is at the core of this session.  Personal golden thread mantra brought forward.
Cost of this session is $300.

For Cleansing the Holographic Qi Force.  This session is designed to bring forward the healers that work through Gale and read the psychic patterns of the energy field. Information is brought forward for the client in a practical form so connection/relationship can be made in this incarnation.  This form of Karmic Healing brings forward affirmations for empowerment of the spiritual self.  Three questions are necessary so the session can be directed by client intention.  Personal, golden thread mantra brought forward.  Integration of light body qi completes this session.
Cost of this session is $300.

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Pet Psychic Sessions

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Pet Psychic Sessions:

Regarding the relationships of humans with the animals of the world, many humans have a lot to learn. Research is just scratching the surface in how deep the feeling of animals go, as it has been found that certain animals feel, sense, and have lives of [their] own that are secret, and fascinatingly far more complex than humans have yet to realize. Our connection to animals, and with them, is to take part in the relationship of finding our deeper sense of self through their eyes and relationship with us. Through the lessons they bring into our awareness, we find our true character, or for some, terrible lack of character. Character shows in the ways we treat animals in our charge. It seems such a simple, thing to own an animal, but the test of our character is huge in relationship. The relationship itself is the key to be shared. Profound situations will continue to happen that will bring this inevitable truth into the awareness of the many, and show us the divineness that shines through the innate innocence of animals, and into our lives.

Many animals have saved lives, warning owners of danger, and been healing companions for many. Some are great warriors, they just appear in animal form. Each animal has a story to tell. Each has a unique life to share and live. Gale has been able to communicate with animals since a very early age. Being able to find lost dogs in the neighborhood, or lost animals would find her. One such dog was 30 miles from home. From those early days of just naturally responding to the subtleness of energies that always seemed to be with her, she was taught how to trust her innate gifts of subtle perception, and energy sensitivity. Gale’s lessons in healing energies began very early in life as well. To give a short list of the many animals Gale has communicated with, frogs, salamanders, rabbits, squirrels, horses, cows, exotic birds, cats, dogs, raptors, geese, and elephants. She was in the saddle atop her first horse at one year of age. Her first encounter with the elephants at a zoo was an emotionally disturbing one. She recalls the deep sadness and heart pain she felt when near the elephant compound. She shared from that impression with the elephants, that, elephants are a deep source of stability and consciousness for the animal kingdom, and should not be contained in harsh limiting confinements. The separation from the earth pulse happens when they are taken from roaming with their feet touching the earth surface, and made to stand on concrete surfaces. The elephants are connected as one organism like the aspen trees. Effect one elephant adversely, all are affected. Gale has done daily meditations for all animals, and has telepathically connected with the essence energies of many species upon the planet, as far back as she can remember. She also meditates on planetary issues. Her journey to India brought her to an opportunity to meditate with the great healing crystal in the dome at Auroville, at Pondicherry. Gale respects the spiritual truth of the journey, and in that respect, has maintained a low-key, practicality and presence in the world toward her application of gifts and offering. Keeping the focus where it belongs. She trusts the profoundness of the healing path we each are here to experience, and holds that truth with every session she offers.

Psychic Sessions for Animals have been formally offered since 1992. And have helped animals and owners, and their relationships in many ways. Gale networks with other professionals in the practice of animal care, so if you are seeking insights for wellness or health issues regarding your animal friend, Gale can share with you what she senses so you may share that information with your animal healthcare practitioner of choice. Do Remember, Gale does not diagnose or prescribe. She can work with you and your Veterinarian, or alternative animal healthcare practitioner of choice when the need arises. If your animal friend is in need of veterinary care it is important to contact your healthcare practitioner of choice. Gale’s consultations are not intended to replace necessary veterinary care.

Pet Psychic Mini-Sessions

Gale Works With All Animals:

If you need Gale’s professional psychic expertise and healing energy support services during other times from the special event dates listed or are planning a trip to the Door County area, please phone for session scheduling. Individual fee for service will be discussed during session scheduling, (fees are discussed during session scheduling, taking into consideration; travel, time, number of animals. Home visit regular session fee is $125.) Please call for scheduling at least 2-weeks ahead of your arrival, so a session time can be agreed upon. Phone consultations are available also (Distance Healing Qi Session Animals).

Pet Psychic Mini-Sessions

Lost Animals:

For view finding support (remote “seeing”) to assist in the search for lost animals, please phone the same number. Gale can assist in gaining insights to assist in your search for your lost animal friend. Understand, that there are no guarantees that the animal will return without the energies of the owners, and grounding efforts made. Gale can support from her remote seeing, and can work with the owners to increase success rates of probability and outcome. There have been dogs on the roam for 2 years or more. We have heard in the news about cats taking long trips and are returned to the owners with an escorted plane ride home.

Pet Psychic Mini-Sessions

Gale Is Continuously Working With The Healing Energies:

For the planet and all animals. She has been doing this consciousness healing work since a young girl. It is her way of working with the planetary healers and divine forces that are helping us to heal and live more fully in the light of harmony. Her ability to conduct group healing is always active. To Gale, the effort has always been a natural phenomenon for her to be involved in. Her effort through the many decades has built the qi force connection to assist her pure intention. She has always respected the free will and higher plan, for everyone and everything, so her sense of honoring that to each individual journey, is always a humble one.

Pet Psychic Mini-Sessions

How To Schedule A Regular Session For Your Animal Friend(S):

Phone the contact number listed, to schedule your appointment and discuss the preliminary points of your phone session.
For phone consultation/healing energy sessions, it is additionally beneficial to have a photograph of your animal(s) to send to Gale (she does return all photos), along with your agreed payment.
You can send this photo via email or through regular mail.
Particulars discussed pertain to the animal(s), the number of them to be involved in the session consultation, and the fee for service.
During sessions, Gale listens to the needs frequencies and can holographically convert this information and energy into human communication form. This information/energy process is unique to each animal.

Pet Psychic Mini-Sessions

Additional Information About Sessions:

When emoting issues are found in any of the energy bodies of the needs frequencies, this emoting healing can takes place, and is discussed in terms that fulfill the healing pattern of the particular issue being emoted. This is part of the healing Gale does to free toxic residue from the psychic emotion and mental body energies of the animal client. This is the essence of “whispering”.
Healing energy is always transmitted on multiple levels during all sessions.
Gale can network with you and your Veterinarian or alternative practitioner of choice when the need arises.
If your animal friend is in need of veterinary care it is important to contact your healthcare practitioner of choice.
Do Remember, Gale does not diagnose or prescribe.
Gale’s consultations are not intended to replace necessary veterinary care.

Gale will contact you with confirmation of receipt of payment/photos.
Have paper and pen to take notes or messages/pertinent information that streams forward for you during the session.
Phone Gale at the specific phone number given at the scheduled time of your session for your animal(s).

Gale’s remote viewing/healing sessions are as if she is there with you.
She trusts the spirit direction of the animal(s) always, and that is the utmost to respect, especially during difficult healing times.
Everyone she connects with becomes part of her ongoing meditations for healing/enlightenment/and loving care.
Call 920-421-2344 For Session Scheduling and all other necessary information regarding session(s). õ

Regular Session for Your Animal Friend(s): $ 125. per session.
Multiple animal friends: please phone for fee agreement when scheduling the session appointment.
Pet Psychic Special Event Mini-Sessions: $ 40. per animal friend.

Pet Psychic Mini-Sessions

More About Gale’s Work With Animals:

Since 1992 Gale has offered psychic sessions with animals. Through the years Gale has donated to many animal shelters and rescue groups nationwide. After her move to Door County, Gale found a way to help her new community with additional ways to help the animals. For 7 years, Gale focused primarily on supporting the Northern Door Pet Clinic’s Spay-a-Stray Program, by covering the cost of spay/neuter/test/vaccinate of feral cats brought by clients for help. A kind of grassroots effort arose in the area to help the feral cat population by humanely (by TNR) reducing reproductive rate percentages. Additional benefits by helping support reducing the feral cat population by way of trap/neuter/return, helped reduce the cat population ending up at the Door County Humane Society shelter—a great help for the shelter. This was a great combined effort for a common cause. (See additional shelter support highlights in the artwork section of this site).

The Door County Scottie Dog Rally in Baileys Harbor kicks off the special events schedule for the vacationing season Pet Psychic Mini-Sessions each year. Gale is a participant each year for supporting the Rally efforts. Gale has attended this important fundraising effort for many years. Helping many little Scotties and their owners each year. The work this non-profit group does attracts Scottie dog owners from many states. The NIH has linked up with the rally research for breed specific test results for use in research of specific human illness. More can be found on how you might want to help this cause, or help in your way by being inspired by the efforts and dedication of this caring group of dog owners, and begin a project of your own to help animals in some way.

Pet Psychic Mini-Sessions




Pet Psychic Special Event Mini-Sessions are offered on special dates throughout the vacationing season.

Bark in the Park
SAT., AUGUST 25 at Sunset Park in Sturgeon Bay.

MON. MAY 26 11:00-3:00
Phone 920-868-5225

SAT. JULY 27, NOON – 5:00
Phone 920-743-2228

SUN. JULY 7, 11:00 – 3:00
SUN. SEPT 1, 11:00-3:00
SUN. OCT 13, 11:00-4:00

Pet Psychic Mini-Sessions

Drink Coffee, Sister Bay
Pet Expressions, Carlsville
Pet Expressions, Ephraim
Anderson House, Ephraim
LeRoys, Ephraim
Door County Dog Store, and Stove Dog Bakery and Bath House, Sturgeon Bay
Hide Side Corner Store, Fish Creek
Hide Side Boutique, Fish Creek
Dogma, Sister Bay
Ecology Sports, Sister Bay
Malibu Moos, Fish Creek