What’s Up With The Energy?

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There are really so many life lessons happening in collective consciousness dynamics, it’s a challenge to keep them all in perspective.  With the Presidential election preparations in full swing, the heavy games of politics, it’s a real force to deal with since the transiting Uranus and transiting Pluto indications guide us to pay attention to where we need to watch how over reactive, or out of control emotions/egos can get.  Just observing the beginning of what will be a couple/few years of off/on exact squaring of these two planets (yes, Pluto is still a planet—you can’t tell it otherwise) it can feel like being in a squeeze machine… Pressure seems on pressure seems off, then pressure seeming on again.  So learn to breathe through the “reactions” so you keep a cool head.  And be mindfully aware that not all information is shared about things in the news.  Be an educated consumer/citizen, and pay attention to what’s going on in regards to the operations/governing of the country.  Be mindful of your choices and keep yourself as up to date on your profession as you can.  This is a big year since we’re also in the Year of the Water Dragon.  So Fire and Water are in the mix.  You don’t want to be boiling, nor do you want to put the fire out completely.  Know your sign and element and just be mindful to stay in the flow.  And learn what you need to learn.

The transiting planet Neptune is in ingress, moving from the sign of Aquarius to its home sign of Pisces.  So we’re in flux here too, since Neptune represents altered states of awareness, drugs, escapism, alternative consciousness, water, we’re also brought into an odd feeling indeed.  Maybe this is the dynamic that’s drawing things up out of the unknown to be known.  (Like the recent warnings about the chemical affects of plastics and pesticides that’s showing up in the news reports.  Things not known by the many, broadcast into awareness.)  Or the increase of drug recalls or warning of damages caused by some drugs showing up in the news as well.  Maybe you’re experiencing a weird feeling in the air, or odd dreams.  And the water issues—who owns it, is it safe, where’s the pollution now, the weather—all Neptune issues too.  All Neptune related indications of where we are, and what has the potential to gain our attention and concern/action.  And when you add the continuing septiles between transiting Neptune and transiting Pluto, we have another accordion-like squeeze bringing unknown issues into the media/public awareness.

Most of the alternative, self-help efforts/transformations/work people have done over the past 25-years is leading up to a Saturn Return for the Harmonic Convergence (August, 1987).  The Uranus/Pluto dance of the squares will take us to that Saturn Return.  So how are we doing on our transformation lessons and karmic resolutions?  Many people have taken part in some way in this (albeit subtle forms) awakening.  As spoken about through the 1990’s, cosmically speaking, the energies shifting will make it more difficult to not become personally empowered in some way(s) or other(s).  The choices we make will be lived.  The issues of pseudo victim games being brought into view for attention/healing/resolution are on the rise for these blasts of cosmic force to show where the deep lessons hide.  Addressing one’s karma rather than continuing to avoid or escape it is called for in these times.  We’re showing signs of that major lesson as we watch financial systems drying up, and retirement funds/care programs become the subjects of major discussions and where the funds will come from.  The arguments of entitlement from all sides in a variety of forms are in the news too, all shadowing this theme.  Who has the power, who doesn’t, who plays it, who hoards it, who trades it, who abuses it, happening all over the planet.  All major lessons for life, and some are very challenging.  These two outer planets are transiting for everyone.  Practice being in balance with some form of calm practice, be mindful that there are many lessons in play and chaos is only the lessons in play.  I see much opportunity to do some healing, growth in self-awareness, and a blending of the everyday with the spiritual connection begin to form a pattern for stability… regardless of what [it] appears to be like in the world.  Like in the movie, Contact… “in the center of the chaos, it’s perfectly calm”.  To some extent it’s how we make our choice to go through these shifts.  We will do the best we can.  But, remaining in denial or not opening to opportunities for change, (the changes will come regardless of how deep heads are buried in the sand), we do have a say in how things progress.  It is everyone’s world.  Everyone’s planet.  Everyone’s air. Everyone’s water.  Everyone should be more mindful of being part of the solution and not be part of the problem whenever and where ever and however we can.

We sure are a busy bunch, trying to keep balanced.  We can only do so much, but we need to ask ourselves important questions so we can complete the karmic lessons, and learn how to be a greater effectual force for healing whenever we can. However we can.  Wherever we can.  These are amazing times.  We each have potential to be amazing too.    It’s all in our choices we make in regards to the lessons we are confronted with.  Hold the meditative space for mankind to come to [its] senses so harmony can be the way out of all the chaos.