Coordination After Session


The healing energies and innate knowledge shared is always a wonderful enlightenment for the spirit self. Also for the intuition body and innate intelligence connection within our connection to the Universal Force of Oneness, and our God, and our creativity is stirred into a deeper/freer flow to experience spiritual upliftment by way of the many confirmations gained through the session dynamic. If there are any reactions to the sessions, it is only part of the adjustment for the unknown becoming known within one’s own consciousness and energy field. Some have experienced wonderful energy and a wonderful calm. If you find yourself with the desire to rest, that is a perfectly normal response to receiving news within the realm of self-truth. Some are energized and a great sense of self filled with that feeling of knowing from deep within, which is part of the enlightenment process as well. When we as humans, begin to walk our path of seeking personal empowerment, we become a self-source of support and encouragement, and may need a bit of self-care TLC as we move through the profound realization that we are not alone, that we are always supported, even at those most difficult times, and that peace does eventually become upon us in our hearts. These are all natural in the nature of taking one’s power back and applying insights and healing energies to create a shift in one’s intention. Also learning the underpinnings of motivations is part of the healing process of awakening self-truth. Be mindful to take time and review the information later, and add the results responding to the information from the session, this helps to progress the implementation process of the session results into a plan of sorts. This is the discernment portion of the after-session realization. As in any project/plan, there are review times and the reflections gained in the “after glow” of the dynamic of the session, helping further the integration process. Follow-up phone consultations are available, yet the subtleness of the transformational healing process has no completion date. The dynamic frequencies from the session are like visiting an ashram… Enlightenment comes silently so, yet can move one a great distance as it guides us innately to realize the divine nature within us and in all we see and experience. This is the way of the Great Light we seek.


Are for the intention of supporting enlightenment for the client, and subject to the choices and karmic lessons of the client.  As always one guiding advice to follow:

”Be confident, you will become what you have to be and achieve what you have to do.”
The Mother

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