Distance Healing Qi Session – Animals

For view finding support (remote “seeing”) to assist in the search for lost animals, please phone the same number.  Gale can assist in gaining insights to assist in your search for your lost animal friend.  Understand, that there are no guarantees that the animal will return without the energies of the owners, and grounding efforts made.  Gale can support from her remote seeing, and can work with the owners to increase success rates of probability and outcome.  There have been dogs on the roam for 2 years or more.  We have heard in the news about cats taking long trips and are returned to the owners with an escorted plane ride home.

For the planet and all animals.  She has been doing this consciousness healing work since a young girl.  It is her way of working with the planetary healers and divine forces that are helping us to heal and live more fully in the light of harmony.  Her ability to conduct group healing is always active.  To Gale, the effort has always been a natural phenomenon for her to be involved in.  Her effort through the many decades has built the qi force connection to assist her pure intention.  She has always respected the free will and higher plan, for everyone and everything, so her sense of honoring that to each individual journey, is always a humble one.

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