Distance Healing Qi Session

The Remote Consultation is via phone.  A time is prescheduled.  Client intention is necessary for the energy of this session to be set.  This consultation can engage dialogue with Gale and her Collective Council of Healers and Advisors of the Great Light.  Vibrational, multidimensional healing energy is always at work with all work Gale facilitates.  Understand, Gale does not diagnose, nor treat, and any engagement of her advisory services should not be expected to replace any medical assistance needed.  At these times it is best to understand the placement of our position in the transition of consciousness.  Meaning there are those situations where both alternative and conventional assistance may be necessary for filling the needs of wellness.  These sessions are offered to bring insight into one’s life issues and help bring empowerment to the client in regards to trusting one’s own intuitional guidance and healing path.  Cost of this session is $300.

In a way that does not “read” a natal astrological chart through customary astrological characteristics or the usual astrological interpretations.  Though Gale has been interested in astrology since her teen years, Gale psychically views a chart for key information that links the elements of polarity and “sees” the life lessons seeking awareness and validation.  Gale has been psychically guided to formulate a progressed form of psychically viewing the elements, for highlighting healing path work journey to becoming aware of one’s scattered parts into a cycle of understanding for our current karmic work.  Gale also views and outlines a formula that shows a spiral of life journey for the client to see how the energies of the natal chart plan give confirmations and validations that resonate an inner truth.  Opening opportunity to discern, ponder, and formulate life lessons learned into a reclaiming of the parts of self that have been awaiting attention for greater unification for wholeness of being.  You receive natal chart reports and outlines of interpretations.
Cost of this chart evaluation is $250.

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