Healing Qi


It is always best to take some time, prior to the session time, to sit and gather one’s self, in order to assist in the efforts of the healing energies to communicate with as little chaos as possible. This helps to make it easier and more rewarding when the discussion portion of the session takes place (better questions better clarifications, better set intentions can be made), which results in greater coordination processing of the healing information/energies obtained during the session. Each session is unique in the information/energies involved yet there is a continuity of process within all sessions. The Progressive Attunements themselves are a process of a coordinated list of abilities Gale has enhanced in order to fully bring a natural flow to the kung fu of the client. These abilities are sensory as well as telepathic, yet she does not “read minds”. She does engage in psychic dialogue in a multidimensional fashion, and the results are uncanny as to how many unasked questions she actually answers, to bring confirmation for deeper satisfaction with the results of the session for the client. Gale has also worked with crystals and minerals 25+ years, and designs vibrational vortexes for clients as part of the session if a vortex is requested by the dynamics of the client.

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