#1 Living in the Vortex

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Living in the Vortex
Title:   LIVING IN THE VORTEX / STAYING CENTERED    (a Krishnamurti force)
Acrylics with healing qi infusions and subtle consciousness 40 X 40  gallery canvas  Price:  $ 3000.

About The Essence of This Fractal:  This fractal energy and consciousness stream is a connection portal to past lives that are still in need of healing awareness and realization in this incarnation.  Lessons are to be learned, teachings are to be understood at a deeper level than the mind.  Firstly, there is a need to meditate to settle the emotion body and learn that it is of greater importance of wellbeing than the quieting of the mind chatter.  The emotion body is the stirring of the unfinished reactive elements still in need of attention in order to be ready to walk any fire of purification.  The solar plexus is oft times more over-reactive than the mind is full of chatter, cause and effect being sensory overload where the mind cannot compute the hyperactive signals.  Each day, the lessons are upon us, and each day we have a choice to walk in that lesson, or risk getting in our own way, yet again, and repeat the past in a new—yet not creative way—by way of too fast, too soon, not enough balance.  We live within this vortex of flux, we work to stay in control, yet the mindfulness that is necessary to be in this world, yet be free from the self-defeating patterns—by way of realization, cleansing, and transformation, are upon us as our cross to bear, yet not as a symbol in any way, for it is our choice to walk in healing light and be ripped from our core of darkness…we are just to learn to not tighten our grip when the teachers come, and the lessons are upon us to learn self-decorum.  And yet, it is not easy, and yet it is not hard, it is complex and still the simplest thing for us to do.  Touching that still point of knowing more of who we really are, a meditation at a time, a reflection at a time, an awareness at a time.  Learning to walk, live in the Light—in active, mindful participation with light, rather than over reactive mindlessness interfering with the flow of light.

#2 Lovers & Friends

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Lovers & Friends
Title:   LOVERS AND FRIENDS – I  / Together Again  (first in a series)
Acrylics with healing qi infusions and subtle consciousness (note: fractal painting is wired to hang two ways, one way for “friends”, and the other for “lovers”. Yet the full dynamic is the same in the Isness of the force of qi.)  40 X 40  Price: $ 2000.

About The Essence of This Fractal:  This fractal energy and consciousness stream is for the couple force.  There is a great need for togetherness support for relationships, and this streaming force to support the true meaning of relationships is in full force, it appears, in the energy and consciousness happening now and for the future.  This energy and thoughtform dynamic meets high within the inner heart, beyond over-emotionalized romanticism, and into the space where words do not exist.  Within that most subtle of points, there exists a space where only pureness of the soul can enter, and BE, in pure, honest, openness.  This space is in the channel of pure healing force for the support of finding, and being, one with self, one with another, and one with the energy that is within us that connects to the Universal Oneness of All Things.  Taking each separately, yet together, within the lesson of experiencing pure intention, pure stillness, pure oneness.  Seeing one’s self in the eyes of the other, yet seeing the other’s pure spirit within.  Touching that still point of knowing…where words no longer exist.

#3 Krishnamurti

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Title:   Krishnamurti Speaks / Rhyme and Distant Drums     (a Krishnamurti force)
Acrylics with healing qi infusions with subtle consciousness (no special effect mediums)
40 x 40 gallery canvas unframed  Price:  $ 3500.  framed Price: $ 4000.

About The Essence of This Fractal:  Within the center of our beingness is hidden, our essence of our truest self.  Yet no words exist in our language to describe this essence to anyone.  We can only experience this profound existence through the silence that speaks the universal voice.  The words that come, but not from the tongue, are the words that turn dust to gold, as they remove our veils, drop our guard, topple all barriers, and open us to enter into that moment where all questions are answered with but a single sense of one single meaning for who we are to be in truth.  Even in that moment, is stripped away, any expectation or plan of what we wanted, thought, planned, directed, controlled, learned, practiced, to be.  For it is our truest self who is our ultimate driving force for healing and our human experience is to be following that silence.  Where our complete and utter insignificance is but our realization that we are part of the brilliance of all that is divine in the nature of oneness.  And it is then, that we can eventually hear through the words with our truth, and know truth when it is spoken from the real heart.

#4 Within/Without

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Title:  Within / Without      (a Krishnamurti force)
Acrylics with healing qi infusions and subtle consciousness  30 X 40 gallery canvas  Price:  $ 1500.

About The Essence of This Fractal Energy:  this fractal of healing energy and higher consciousness is a connection to the meditative level for deeper work on self.  Deep within the self is a quiet, still sense connection that wills itself to be heard.  But, it is with our hearts, that we must learn to hear this quiet voice, this song upon the feeling and to know it as, not, the human conditions.  We learn through our practice of meditation in many forms and ways to quiet our selves to make way for opportunity to hear, sense, feel this voice as music within our veins, our breath, our vibration as we sit in the growing peace the journey brings us to become aware of. This is yet, still the beginning of the path.  Still it is our journey to open a breath at a time, a stillness note at a time, how we are to unfold our defenses and become at peace with our self, for then only can the world ever begin to reflect that sound to us.  We then can live a harmonic whole within the oneness of which we are a part.