#10 Solitude

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Title:   Solitude and Freedom      (a Sri Aurobindo and the Sweet Mother force)
Acrylics with gem elixirs and healing energy infusions
20 X 20  gallery canvas with custom made pickled from furniture artist Joel Thomas, of The Studio, Sister Bay   framed Price: $ 700.  unframed Price: $ 550.

About the Essence of This Fractal:  This fractal energy and consciousness stream is for balance in the self.  There is a great need in these times for support in relationship with the deeper self that must create.  Relationship with the self is the most important connection for truth there is, and from that truth, expression will make it manifest—freedom for truth of self in creative form through meditative solitude.  This energy and thoughtform dynamic streaming meets high within the creative connection where chaos must be mastered to gain control of the self while in the force of creative energy.  One must move beyond over-emotionalized romanticism and the sense of what is “acceptable” and take the leap into the uncharted waters of originality in its purest form, and into the space where technical restrictions do not exist.  Yet, action too quickly may hinder the flow.  Within that most subtle of points within solitude, there exists a space where only pureness of the soul can enter, and BE, in pure, honest, openness—then the solitude can be realized—where boredom once interfered.  But the challenge is great, and the choice is challenged, for much surrender is necessary to reach the state of original energy and thought to express from a solitary moment.  Where the fight, argument, and conflict ever remains in order to bring us closer each time, to our ultimate self—the freedom is realized.