#13 Medicine Man

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Medicine Man

Acrylics with healing qi infusions and subtle consciousness  24 X 48 gallery canvas  (note: fractal painting is wired to hang two ways, vertical for Medicine Man and horizontal for teachings from the canyon    Price: $ 1500.

About the Essence of This Fractal:  This fractal energy and consciousness stream is the silent force that speaks the lessons of stillness within ritual, the movement within a center of the fire, and the understanding that comes long after meditation enlightened us from within.  The meditative essence of Native American spiritual teachings are imbedded deep within this stream.  Great spirit watching, great spirit guiding, great spirit healing, and great spirits of the earth, the wind, the water, the fire.  This space is in the channel of pure healing force for the meditative support of finding, and being, one with spirit and learning self ritual, learning self discipline, learning to hear through the silence the sounds of the spirits that have long time been our ancestors’ teachers.  Meditation with Medicine Man is an exercise in learning through innate awareness.  Sense the presence of the Medicine Man, sit with him and meditate to gain insights, re-member, and bring awareness to your spiritual quest for your inner warrior of peace, and to come into better alignment with nature, animals, and the great healing forces of the earth, wind, water and fire.