#15 Zen Forest

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Zen Forest

Acrylics with healing qi infusions and subtle consciousness    20 x 20 gallery canvas multi-wire framing  Price: $ 350.

About The Essence of This Fractal:  This fractal healing energy and consciousness stream is for learning to center the self, by way of meditation through the spectrum of color which represent the harmonics of our human nature as aware beings upon the planet attempting to harmonize with earth.  This energy and thoughtform dynamic is a support for working with an affirmation designed to bring balance to one’s seven key etheric energy centers of the physical body.  Each color is represent of a charka.  Each charka is linked energetically to the etheric energy field as well as representative to parts of the body/systems/functions/sensory energies.  The 7 body charka centers are; first charka is the root charka and vibrates to the color deep red rock red.  The second charka is the spleen or sacral center, (or hara point) and vibrates a carnelian orange.  The third charka is the solar plexus (or sun center) and vibrates as a citrine yellow.  The fourth charka is the heart center, and vibrates a malachite/green turquoise green.  The fifth charka center is the throat charka, which vibrates to a shimmering blue sapphire blue. The sixth charka is the brow center, and correlates to indigo as in azurite and blue turquoise.  The seventh chakra is the crown charka and vibrates to the vivid violet hue.  These are the basic charka points, yet we also have several additional charkas that have become active since the Harmonic Convergence that occurred in August 1987.  Our awakenings began to take form as deeper spiritual meaning and understanding, lessons and experience challenges since that time.  The shift to include those additional charkas are imbedded within the transitions of this fractal stream.  Sit quietly and let your eyes gaze upon the stream of colors, from one to the next, through all and back again.  In that effort, becoming aware of how you may be pulled out of balance by too much inner chatter, and/or too much outside diversions.  These are the crosses we have come to bear (to bare) as we awaken to our individual teachings for bringing our spiritual self into greater depth within our physical presence. As we heal through these transitions of self into greater self (through the not self), we enter into the divine essence of the great light that is God, and by seeking to know thyself, in truth, we surrender the burden of separation from the great light. You may hang this fractal meditation either horizontally or vertically, whichever you feel more comfortable.  You may even be guided to switch on occasion the hanging direction the fractal flow, and you may choose to flow for any given time/space.  Place this fractal portal painting in a place where you can have respite and calm your thoughts and re-center your focus for your own personal wellbeing.  Being in rhythmic flow with your highest good, with a feeling of fulfillment, interest, and centered energy is the core of each meditation when we are seeking enlightenment, self knowing, spiritual connection, healing wisdom, and creative self fulfillment.  This brings us to the peace we seek… to experience our wholeness of being… and just Be.  The forest is the vibration of mental plane knowledge we learn by walking in our world.  The water is the vibration of the emotion plane where spirit self where chaos on this plane needs wisdom to know the difference between self and the not self.  These healings are the realizations where self-knowledge and self-knowing leads to inner wisdom for the self.  Our individual crosses to bear.