#2 Lovers & Friends

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Lovers & Friends
Title:   LOVERS AND FRIENDS – I  / Together Again  (first in a series)
Acrylics with healing qi infusions and subtle consciousness (note: fractal painting is wired to hang two ways, one way for “friends”, and the other for “lovers”. Yet the full dynamic is the same in the Isness of the force of qi.)  40 X 40  Price: $ 2000.

About The Essence of This Fractal:  This fractal energy and consciousness stream is for the couple force.  There is a great need for togetherness support for relationships, and this streaming force to support the true meaning of relationships is in full force, it appears, in the energy and consciousness happening now and for the future.  This energy and thoughtform dynamic meets high within the inner heart, beyond over-emotionalized romanticism, and into the space where words do not exist.  Within that most subtle of points, there exists a space where only pureness of the soul can enter, and BE, in pure, honest, openness.  This space is in the channel of pure healing force for the support of finding, and being, one with self, one with another, and one with the energy that is within us that connects to the Universal Oneness of All Things.  Taking each separately, yet together, within the lesson of experiencing pure intention, pure stillness, pure oneness.  Seeing one’s self in the eyes of the other, yet seeing the other’s pure spirit within.  Touching that still point of knowing…where words no longer exist.