#17 Contemplating

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Title:  Contemplating Transition / Challenges and Choices  (a Krishnamurti force)
Acrylics with gem elixirs and healing energy infusions      20 X 60 gallery canvas framed  pickled maple designed by the artist and crafted by furniture artist Joel Thomas, of The Studio, Sister Bay.     Price:  $ 2500.  unframed Price: $ 2200.

About The Essence of This Fractal Energy:  this fractal of healing energy and higher consciousness is a connection to the meditative level for deeper work on self.  In order to move to a space of bringing self to the surface for realization, the healing crisis are always met with great resistance.  The healing crisis are our struggles between the astral plane of illusion, and personality driven ego, and the intuition plane—where truth streams forward to us in glimpses and flashes, dodging the driven ego best it can.  But glimpses and flashes can be deceiving when that ego runs with the glimpses and flashes too quickly as a reaction, as a way to control, rather than contemplating further the issues that are part of the healing crisis connecting for transformation.  This vacillation is seen in the lives of great artists, writers, poets, researchers, to mention a few, for their karmic quest of healing the self is also wrapped in personality driven ego that drives the process for competition, as the creative self seeks completion of the karma with the self firstly, and through an inner self manner rather than to be used for fame or fortune, or self-aggrandizement.  In the astral plane, glamour and driven ego are detrimental to the creative self, yet great consternation challenges the choices to make—to practice self-containment, until which time, the next self realization crisis is revealed.  Information must be clarified, original, discerned, and pure self-expression.  This journey takes a lifetime to heal for the truly creative.  The healing of the self is paramount to the creative end result expressed.  For without the healing, no real energy follows through… no higher consciousness has really transcended.  No healing realizations from deep within ever surfaced.  Contemplating Transition is the threshold of the journey, yet in the cycle of the process, a part of the great continuum of our path of healing and creativity of self.  Firstly it is your truth.  Then the truth of others, then the greater truth… concentrate on your own.