#18 Buddha Imagines

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Buddha Imagines

Oils with healing qi infusions and subtle consciousness 20 X 24 goldleaf and linen frames  Price: $700.  unframed Price: $ 550.

About The Essence of This Fractal:  This fractal energy and consciousness stream is a connection to meditations with Buddha.  Lessons are to be learned, teachings are to be understood at a deeper level than the mind.  Firstly, there is a need to settle the emotion body and learn that it is of greater importance of wellbeing than the quieting of the mind chatter.  There is no education when meditating with Buddha for the ego to take and teach others… all is for the self.  Each person has this essence of humility to learn.  One may have but a single lesson to learn throughout a lifetime of experience… it is not how much one thinks he knows, but to deeply one comes to realize a grain of wisdom.  This is the way of sitting, breathing, walking, living, in dedication as a mindful discipline of experiencing our teachings in the Light that Buddha shows us.  Buddha will enlighten us to what we are in need of finding within, for Buddha is a pathway of Truth to the Divine that is God.