#19 Wolf Pack Wisdom

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Wolf Pack Wisdom

Title:   Wolf Pack Wisdom / Fire Dance   (The Medicine Man)
Acrylics with healing qi infusions and subtle consciousness  (no special effect mediums)
30 x 40  gallery canvas  Price:  $ 1500.

About The Essence of This Fractal:  As the nature of all things comes together, the collective consciousness begins to form as an essence of all in a vibration that moves through our instinctive nature to move toward trusting our sensory faculties to guide our way.  This essence runs deep within the nature of the Wolf. Holds as the power of the One.  Guides survival as the wise old.  Leads the vital young. All to ever be, the evolving way of the form of its evolutionary nature.  We do what we know… but do we know what we do…. That is the wisdom we seek.  We learn through the passage, the ritual of ceremony as life, sacred words that are not spoken. Keys within their healing karma unlock the mysteries, as the way of protection of what is bestowed upon us to keep from harms way… we hold these within and know the deep power they behold for our healing journey… as we dance with the fire and take our place in the continuum of evolving souls, merging with spirit and experiencing all in physical form as we find our way through the lessons of our life experience.  This fractal opens the way of the survival of spirit, the healing of soul, the awareness of the natural self, coming to be in an evolved pattern of trust and harmony with others seeking the way.