#22 Meditation

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Title:   Meditation / Tree Of Life   (a Sri Aurobindo and the Sweet Mother force)
Acrylics with healing qi infusions and subtle consciousness   (no special effect mediums)
36 x 48 gallery canvas  Price:  $ 4500.

About The Essence of This Fractal:  As essence of this fractal is the Way of the Great Meditation.  No words. An original yoga with no movements. A quiet song in the heart.  Gaze upon, go within and be still. Our lessons take on form. We meet them through/with another on occasion, to gain reflection of the self by the lessons of balance with another.  The lessons of I in reflection are the fragments that are still in need of understanding, in order to be placed in correct position to heal the past lifetimes still in need of completion, as well as the misconceptions and missed lessons from this incarnation. Learning where the defeating ego has diverted attention and attached to glamours, and inflated its importance from the will of others and returning to center—under the tree.  These reflections and lessons are part of the spiritual struggle to understand the self from a point of truth deep within one’s own sense of knowing, but hidden in the unknown, and profound karmic inevitability.  Many masks are rising to be shed.  They cannot be mentally forced to resolve.
The courtyard of the living quarters compound of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother serves as an evening gathering for meditation under the great tree in the courtyard.  Incense burns, flowers decorate, peace and healing and deep lessons fill the air and energy becomes (indescribable).  We find how insignificantly significant we are.  Sit with this fractal form and become guided to what it means to walk the healing discipline of divine humility toward peace of true beingness.