#25 Ponderessence

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Title:   Ponderessence / The Threshold   (a Krishnamurti force)
Acrylics with healing qi infusions and subtle consciousness  (no special effect mediums)
22 X 30  Price:  $ 900.

About The Essence of This Fractal:  Sit in meditation with this fractal gazing brings a relaxation of the busy mind.  The inner eye calms the moon center.  The liquid light warms the body as it moves through the body centers – melting the tension away.  A deep sigh cleans the qi, and the meditation can begin.  We learn, by discipline, to sit and become empty, and beyond that emptiness we become full with healing light.  In that effort, we learn the real lesson of self-decorum at its most simplistic level. We feel more profoundly at the edge of our sensory energy. The struggle of the self with self is the journey awakening through this fractal, vibrating to support in its ebb and flow, our seeking of originality and connection.  Our uniqueness and acceptance.  Sense the occasional deep breath which expels the outworn energy, note the breath after, and sense your own qi flow being replenished, and body energy level centering… remain centered in these awarenesses, for they are part of the discipline of pondering through meditation, which is the ancient spiritual art of becoming one’s potential….realized.