#3 Krishnamurti

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Title:   Krishnamurti Speaks / Rhyme and Distant Drums     (a Krishnamurti force)
Acrylics with healing qi infusions with subtle consciousness (no special effect mediums)
40 x 40 gallery canvas unframed  Price:  $ 3500.  framed Price: $ 4000.

About The Essence of This Fractal:  Within the center of our beingness is hidden, our essence of our truest self.  Yet no words exist in our language to describe this essence to anyone.  We can only experience this profound existence through the silence that speaks the universal voice.  The words that come, but not from the tongue, are the words that turn dust to gold, as they remove our veils, drop our guard, topple all barriers, and open us to enter into that moment where all questions are answered with but a single sense of one single meaning for who we are to be in truth.  Even in that moment, is stripped away, any expectation or plan of what we wanted, thought, planned, directed, controlled, learned, practiced, to be.  For it is our truest self who is our ultimate driving force for healing and our human experience is to be following that silence.  Where our complete and utter insignificance is but our realization that we are part of the brilliance of all that is divine in the nature of oneness.  And it is then, that we can eventually hear through the words with our truth, and know truth when it is spoken from the real heart.