#31 Working with Uranus

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Working with Uranus

Title:   Working with Uranus / Guidance From the Plants  (Outer Planet Series)  (Dane Rudhyar tapped)
Acrylics with healing qi infusions and subtle consciousness  (no special effect mediums)
12 X 12   Price:  $200

About The Essence of This Fractal:  Sit in meditation with this fractal pattern to gain subtle connection with the planetary force that is now into a new astrological cycle for the next 84+ years as it gets its head start moving beyond Neptune rather than following it, we are now asked by our lessons to learn our new ways of being—the realizations rising to be known, as the future aspects bring us the relationships for integration into our realm of being make these the years of rising from the ingress into a more complete whole of who we are, or more, who we think we are, but also rather, who we really are.  Going deeper within to bring endurance to your body and mind and spirit as you move through the experiences and lessons of each day within this incarnation.  Replenish your self with every step you take, every breath you take, and learn the subtle force lessons rising from within, and Know Thyself.