#32 Working with Neptune

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Working with Neptune

Title: Working with Neptune / Guidance From the Planets (Outer Planet Series)  (Dane Rudhyar tapped)
Acrylics with healing qi infusions and subtle consciousness   (no special effect mediums)
Size: 12 X 12   Price:  $200

About The Essence of This Fractal:  Sit in meditation with this fractal pattern and let your guides enlighten your path through the lessons of things becoming known.  Open to your past life of living by nature and bring your naturalness back to your sense of self in this life experience.  Going deeper within to bring awareness to your body and mind and spirit and energy field as you move through the experiences and lessons of each day within this incarnation.  Neptune is now in its final trek through Pisces, the 12th of the 12 astrological signs, and quite interestingly, the sign Neptune itself rules.  Yet with the guidance from Neptune, much subtle vibration and indications are part of the teachings, for Neptune is a force that guides us to learn from the unknown, the unseen, the hidden, and sits in stillness to learn our lessons as we meditate with the ancients, by the great rituals taught under the night sky by firelight.  Discipline is the lesson to be learned with Neptune coming into its own sign, and making us ready for the new journey once it enters the next.  Uranus is making the way, Neptune will follow and hopefully you will become more aware of your subtle lessons and begin to learn from the unobvious and reclaim more will of choice. Replenish your self with every step you take, every breath you take.  Sense the healing power of hidden in your lessons.  Know Thyself.