#33 Opening the Door

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Opening the Door

Acrylics with healing qi infusions and subtle consciousness  (no special effect mediums) 14 X 14  gallery canvas with wire frame  Price: $200

About The Essence of This Fractal:  This fractal energy and consciousness stream is a connection portal for meditation into the journey of one’s spiritual quest for realization of one’s dreams into one’s reality lived.  The answers to our questions are deep within our soul.  Yet, riding high upon the tide of our emotions setting sail from our shores of rigidity.  We seek to find connection in a force much greater than our life.  Once we get a glimpse of faith it leads us to our challis.  We find our self at the threshold again.  We ask our question in silence.  We open the door to move beyond what was not our truth, to behold our answer, come as a simple truth upon a wing on the wind of a golden bird.  We must learn to listen with our hearts, and know our will to learn and teach our selves the secret that is within.  To live more fully, truly, lessons we came to heal.  As the will ignites its power to brave the uncertainty that crossing a threshold opens to us, we find upon the first step, a great wakening begins.  Our self finds longings settled.  Our heart receives replenishment, for our mind can begin to settle a well of tears and sad regrets.  We learn our journey takes us to the place we dream to be with a whole of self, we find, is the road less traveled. It leads us to our beingness as joy.  We learn to shed our fears and false hopes—embrace our radiance. It if fine to be our self in this world we are to walk to our truth as freedom.  The awakenings to appear from deep within one’s hidden facets of self, then have way to emerge and be recognized as gifts to learn from.  Our full attention is drawn to these points of inner self, still in need of light, as we brave our dark and make the choice to heal.  We learn, step by step, to walk our self as this path, regardless.  For it is our wholeness that we seek, it is our fullness that calls us to endure.  It is our trust, which, when tested, blows with the winds of change as we learn to feel our way through the ever-winding path that leads to our truth as soul.  And along the way, we find our joy.  We find our strength.  We experience, through our senses, the richness that is our life.  Each time we step through the doorway, we gain the self within that heals and becomes part of our wholeness of who we really are.  Peace fills our spaces.  Peace becomes our radiant light.