#34 Sacred

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Title: Sacred
Acrylics with healing qi infusions and subtle consciousness 36 X 36  gallery canvas  Price:  $ 1700.

About The Essence of This Fractal:  This fractal energy and consciousness stream is the field of healing vibrations we seek knowledge from.  We hope to tap the wellspring where this information will pour forward into our minds and give us the answers to every question.  Yet there are those longings that will never be completed, for the goal of conquest is not the meaning of our journey.  The collective mind will not be ready to handle the magnitude of simplicity these sacred ones hold within and deep from penetration by the forces of man in want of something far beyond man’s ability to understand.  So the sacred one brings us to the realization again and again, of each moment’s awareness of one’s place in the great plan.  Bringing the lessons to be learned, which are the real answers to the questions not asked.  The healing will lead as the sacred one takes you to the awareness you need in order to learn the difference between self and self.  The Sacred One communicates in profound silence.  Beyond stillness and acts of routine expectation, no matter the practice chosen to be silent.  Yet the Sacred One finds us when we are ready. Knows when we are ready.