#35 Phoenix

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Title: Phoenix
Acrylics with healing qi infusions and subtle consciousness 60 X 48  gallery canvas  Price:  $ 7000.

About The Essence of This Fractal:  Turning to the symbolism of the phoenix, we find the personal journey before us of the Five Sacred Cosmic vibrations of Qi. Yet the gathering of the wisdom comes not from doing or learning or obtaining.  The essence of these lessons are deep and drag from the core of the mask, all that is the great karmic façade of the glamours one seeks through issues still in denial of need for healing and removal.  These sacred virtues of Virtue, Duty, Alignment, Compassion, Loyalty.  For the seeker of good fortune, luck, strength, and resilience, is the symbolic siring from its own ashes and to soar to greater heights on its own.  The Phoenix is Yang.  In harmony with Dragon, it becomes Yin.  This life long journey is deep, constant, and is forever in surrender.  A most powerful force to fill a sacred abode for commitment to one’s journey of profound teachings that come from the unknown to the known in such humbling patterns of awakening.