#37 Galatic Odyssey

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Galatic Odyssey

Title: Galactic Odyssey
Acrylics with healing qi infusions and subtle consciousness 72 X 48  gallery canvas  Price:  $ 7000.

About the Essence of This Fractal:  Being aligned with the Great Galactic Center, Milky Way, the Pleides cosmic force, is a desire for many.  They walk the long journeys both in physical and spiritual attempts to gain the knowledge to take with them.  Some in attempts to share with the masses, others to realize the journey is sacred to one’s self, and each of us is to be our own guide and teacher, student and reason.  Glamour is shed, in this place of endurance. Desire is shed, in this place of mystery.  Control is surrendered in each breath in this place of isness of all things.  Our lessons come from our human condition to become more of who we are…. a part of the Galactic… our great healing within the Odyssey.