#4 Within/Without

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Title:  Within / Without      (a Krishnamurti force)
Acrylics with healing qi infusions and subtle consciousness  30 X 40 gallery canvas  Price:  $ 1500.

About The Essence of This Fractal Energy:  this fractal of healing energy and higher consciousness is a connection to the meditative level for deeper work on self.  Deep within the self is a quiet, still sense connection that wills itself to be heard.  But, it is with our hearts, that we must learn to hear this quiet voice, this song upon the feeling and to know it as, not, the human conditions.  We learn through our practice of meditation in many forms and ways to quiet our selves to make way for opportunity to hear, sense, feel this voice as music within our veins, our breath, our vibration as we sit in the growing peace the journey brings us to become aware of. This is yet, still the beginning of the path.  Still it is our journey to open a breath at a time, a stillness note at a time, how we are to unfold our defenses and become at peace with our self, for then only can the world ever begin to reflect that sound to us.  We then can live a harmonic whole within the oneness of which we are a part.