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Awakening Goddess

Title: Awakening Goddess / Healing the Feminine Self     (Georgia O’Keeffe )
Oils with healing qi infusions and subtle consciousness  16 X 20  Linen and gold leaf framed  Price:  $ 500.  unframed Price: $ 350.

About The Essence of This Fractal Energy:  this fractal of healing energy and higher consciousness is a connection to deeper work on self in the nature of the feminine force in need of great healing.  In order to move to a space of bringing this deeper self to the surface for realization, the healing crisis in many aspects of life are always met with great resistance—some resistance from within the ego, some resistance from relationships, societies, cultures/religions.  The healing crisis is our struggle between the astral plane of illusion and the intuition plane, where truth streams forward to us in glimpses and flashes, to “see” the lessons still in need of learning by the ways of man, the ways in which the feminine has been discarded, disowned, disavowed denounced, dreaded, avoided, abused, rejected and oppressed—hard lessons for mankind to accept.  But glimpses and flashes can be deceiving when resistant ego runs with the glimpses and flashes too quickly as a reaction, rather than contemplating further, the issues that are part of the healing crisis connected, where the feminine is not equal in a core balance in origin.  Where feminine energy is concerned, there is a great need for this healing to occur on many levels for each individual, yet great consternation challenges the choices to make in order to realize we are, each, both masculine and feminine—and feminine within the masculine must be freed and healed.  This healing path is a great journey into the core of creative energy… and where sexuality, sex energy, identification, balance, and higher choices are lessons of great enlightenment.  The healing of the self is paramount to the creative end result expressed.  The journey of the awakening goddess is cathartic, sometimes seemingly painful, healing, regenerating, as it rips us at our core to build us again, in light, and balance, in creative expression.