Pet Psychic Sessions:

Regarding the relationships of humans with the animals of the world, many humans have a lot to learn. Research is just scratching the surface in how deep the feeling of animals go, as it has been found that certain animals feel, sense, and have lives of [their] own that are secret, and fascinatingly far more complex than humans have yet to realize. Our connection to animals, and with them, is to take part in the relationship of finding our deeper sense of self through their eyes and relationship with us. Through the lessons they bring into our awareness, we find our true character, or for some, terrible lack of character. Character shows in the ways we treat animals in our charge. It seems such a simple, thing to own an animal, but the test of our character is huge in relationship. The relationship itself is the key to be shared. Profound situations will continue to happen that will bring this inevitable truth into the awareness of the many, and show us the divineness that shines through the innate innocence of animals, and into our lives.

Many animals have saved lives, warning owners of danger, and been healing companions for many. Some are great warriors, they just appear in animal form. Each animal has a story to tell. Each has a unique life to share and live. Gale has been able to communicate with animals since a very early age. Being able to find lost dogs in the neighborhood, or lost animals would find her. One such dog was 30 miles from home. From those early days of just naturally responding to the subtleness of energies that always seemed to be with her, she was taught how to trust her innate gifts of subtle perception, and energy sensitivity. Gale’s lessons in healing energies began very early in life as well. To give a short list of the many animals Gale has communicated with, frogs, salamanders, rabbits, squirrels, horses, cows, exotic birds, cats, dogs, raptors, geese, and elephants. She was in the saddle atop her first horse at one year of age. Her first encounter with the elephants at a zoo was an emotionally disturbing one. She recalls the deep sadness and heart pain she felt when near the elephant compound. She shared from that impression with the elephants, that, elephants are a deep source of stability and consciousness for the animal kingdom, and should not be contained in harsh limiting confinements. The separation from the earth pulse happens when they are taken from roaming with their feet touching the earth surface, and made to stand on concrete surfaces. The elephants are connected as one organism like the aspen trees. Effect one elephant adversely, all are affected. Gale has done daily meditations for all animals, and has telepathically connected with the essence energies of many species upon the planet, as far back as she can remember. She also meditates on planetary issues. Her journey to India brought her to an opportunity to meditate with the great healing crystal in the dome at Auroville, at Pondicherry. Gale respects the spiritual truth of the journey, and in that respect, has maintained a low-key, practicality and presence in the world toward her application of gifts and offering. Keeping the focus where it belongs. She trusts the profoundness of the healing path we each are here to experience, and holds that truth with every session she offers.

Psychic Sessions for Animals have been formally offered since 1992. And have helped animals and owners, and their relationships in many ways. Gale networks with other professionals in the practice of animal care, so if you are seeking insights for wellness or health issues regarding your animal friend, Gale can share with you what she senses so you may share that information with your animal healthcare practitioner of choice. Do Remember, Gale does not diagnose or prescribe. She can work with you and your Veterinarian, or alternative animal healthcare practitioner of choice when the need arises. If your animal friend is in need of veterinary care it is important to contact your healthcare practitioner of choice. Gale’s consultations are not intended to replace necessary veterinary care.

Pet Psychic Mini-Sessions

Gale Works With All Animals:

If you need Gale’s professional psychic expertise and healing energy support services during other times from the special event dates listed or are planning a trip to the Door County area, please phone for session scheduling. Individual fee for service will be discussed during session scheduling, (fees are discussed during session scheduling, taking into consideration; travel, time, number of animals. Home visit regular session fee is $125.) Please call for scheduling at least 2-weeks ahead of your arrival, so a session time can be agreed upon. Phone consultations are available also (Distance Healing Qi Session Animals).

Pet Psychic Mini-Sessions

Lost Animals:

For view finding support (remote “seeing”) to assist in the search for lost animals, please phone the same number. Gale can assist in gaining insights to assist in your search for your lost animal friend. Understand, that there are no guarantees that the animal will return without the energies of the owners, and grounding efforts made. Gale can support from her remote seeing, and can work with the owners to increase success rates of probability and outcome. There have been dogs on the roam for 2 years or more. We have heard in the news about cats taking long trips and are returned to the owners with an escorted plane ride home.

Pet Psychic Mini-Sessions

Gale Is Continuously Working With The Healing Energies:

For the planet and all animals. She has been doing this consciousness healing work since a young girl. It is her way of working with the planetary healers and divine forces that are helping us to heal and live more fully in the light of harmony. Her ability to conduct group healing is always active. To Gale, the effort has always been a natural phenomenon for her to be involved in. Her effort through the many decades has built the qi force connection to assist her pure intention. She has always respected the free will and higher plan, for everyone and everything, so her sense of honoring that to each individual journey, is always a humble one.

Pet Psychic Mini-Sessions

How To Schedule A Regular Session For Your Animal Friend(S):

Phone the contact number listed, to schedule your appointment and discuss the preliminary points of your phone session.
For phone consultation/healing energy sessions, it is additionally beneficial to have a photograph of your animal(s) to send to Gale (she does return all photos), along with your agreed payment.
You can send this photo via email or through regular mail.
Particulars discussed pertain to the animal(s), the number of them to be involved in the session consultation, and the fee for service.
During sessions, Gale listens to the needs frequencies and can holographically convert this information and energy into human communication form. This information/energy process is unique to each animal.

Pet Psychic Mini-Sessions

Additional Information About Sessions:

When emoting issues are found in any of the energy bodies of the needs frequencies, this emoting healing can takes place, and is discussed in terms that fulfill the healing pattern of the particular issue being emoted. This is part of the healing Gale does to free toxic residue from the psychic emotion and mental body energies of the animal client. This is the essence of “whispering”.
Healing energy is always transmitted on multiple levels during all sessions.
Gale can network with you and your Veterinarian or alternative practitioner of choice when the need arises.
If your animal friend is in need of veterinary care it is important to contact your healthcare practitioner of choice.
Do Remember, Gale does not diagnose or prescribe.
Gale’s consultations are not intended to replace necessary veterinary care.

Gale will contact you with confirmation of receipt of payment/photos.
Have paper and pen to take notes or messages/pertinent information that streams forward for you during the session.
Phone Gale at the specific phone number given at the scheduled time of your session for your animal(s).

Gale’s remote viewing/healing sessions are as if she is there with you.
She trusts the spirit direction of the animal(s) always, and that is the utmost to respect, especially during difficult healing times.
Everyone she connects with becomes part of her ongoing meditations for healing/enlightenment/and loving care.
Call 920-421-2344 For Session Scheduling and all other necessary information regarding session(s). õ

Regular Session for Your Animal Friend(s): $ 125. per session.
Multiple animal friends: please phone for fee agreement when scheduling the session appointment.
Pet Psychic Special Event Mini-Sessions: $ 40. per animal friend.

Pet Psychic Mini-Sessions

More About Gale’s Work With Animals:

Since 1992 Gale has offered psychic sessions with animals. Through the years Gale has donated to many animal shelters and rescue groups nationwide. After her move to Door County, Gale found a way to help her new community with additional ways to help the animals. For 7 years, Gale focused primarily on supporting the Northern Door Pet Clinic’s Spay-a-Stray Program, by covering the cost of spay/neuter/test/vaccinate of feral cats brought by clients for help. A kind of grassroots effort arose in the area to help the feral cat population by humanely (by TNR) reducing reproductive rate percentages. Additional benefits by helping support reducing the feral cat population by way of trap/neuter/return, helped reduce the cat population ending up at the Door County Humane Society shelter—a great help for the shelter. This was a great combined effort for a common cause. (See additional shelter support highlights in the artwork section of this site).

The Door County Scottie Dog Rally in Baileys Harbor kicks off the special events schedule for the vacationing season Pet Psychic Mini-Sessions each year. Gale is a participant each year for supporting the Rally efforts. Gale has attended this important fundraising effort for many years. Helping many little Scotties and their owners each year. The work this non-profit group does attracts Scottie dog owners from many states. The NIH has linked up with the rally research for breed specific test results for use in research of specific human illness. More can be found on how you might want to help this cause, or help in your way by being inspired by the efforts and dedication of this caring group of dog owners, and begin a project of your own to help animals in some way.

Pet Psychic Mini-Sessions



Pet Psychic “Whispering” Mini-Sessions



June 14, July 12,
Aug 23, Sept 20
11:00 – 4:00

10:00 – 4:00

Phone 920-421-2344
OR 920-421-0020

Phone 920-743-2228

The Door County Scottie Dog Rally and Fundraiser
in Baileys Harbor, WI kicks off the 2017 season. And the famous Parade!

Saturday, May 20.

Gale conducts regular sessions throughout the year. Please phone for appointment detail scheduling.